We are the forefront researching team making cutting-edge advancements in the fields of chemistry, biology, alternative energy and adaptable technology. As listed below, Nano Synth’s core technology spans several scientific fields and avenues for application.

Miniaturized sensor/devices

  • Tuberculosis breathalyzer
  • Improvised explosives (TATP)
  • Radiation
  • Water pollution (VOC’s)
  • Single molecule detection substrates

Solar Energy conversion and storage

  • Miniaturized/flexible PV devices
  • Dye-sensitized & quantum dot cells
  • Conversion of CO2 to fuel (dimethyl ether)
  • Wastewater remediation

Electronic /optoelectronic devices

  • Li-ion Battery & capacitors

Biomedical composites / implants

  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Ti02 nanotube/biocampatible coating for bone implants


  • Conversion of industrial food waste
  • Bi-functional heterogeneous catalyst
  • Conversion of biodiesel industry waste to value added chemicals